Jul 1, 2009

Vampire Shifts

You all may remember that i think, post #4 (way back when) was dedicated to these guys too. I'm not sure how much attention was paid to it though because we were only fresh and nobody was paying any attention to us.
However, they're back, with more beautiful Drum n Bass and Dubstep mixes straight from the streets of DE1 (Derbyshire, East Midlands.) Now there are 2 things good about Derby, 1 is the store i used to work at and the High Fashion that lined its walls, and Vampire shifts.
Anyway, enough talk (I'm a crappy writer) and on with their sets.

The First one is mixed by biG eL and MC Buda, real nice, easy drum n bass.


1.My Thoughts Exactly – Sinistarr – Inside Recordings

2.Muted – Data – Metalheadz

3.Nixed – Sinistarr – Influence Recordings

4.Delicate – Data – Influence Recordings

5.Dangerous – Lynx & Kemo ft. Alix Perez – Soul:R

6.I'm Free – Alix Perez – Shogun Audio

7.The Causeway – Data – Influence Recordings

8.Oh Please – Calibre – Signature Records

9.Melanie – Alix Perez – Shogun Audio

Next up, a nice (I'm going to say progressive, only because it doesn't really get heavy 'till the last few tracks. But its not 'progressive) Dubstep Mix. Spun by A.G.E on the beat and biG eL.

Dub ... With Sprinkles


1.Geiom Feat. Marita -Reminissin – Soul Jazz

2.Flying Lotus - Roberta Flack [Martyn Heart Beat Mix] – Warp Records

3.Martyn – Right Star – 3024

4.Martyn – Vancouver – 3024

5.Cut La Rock – Fallen [Aim Remix] – Skint

6.TRG – Move Dis – Soul Motive

7.Zed Bias – Cosmic Minefield – Sidestepper

8.Zed Bias - The Cauldron feat. Jay Electronica & Ghost1 [Instrumental] – Sidestepper

9.Kode 9 - Black Sun - Hyperdub

Enjoy Campers. Don't forget to check out their myspace's for some exclusive productions, links to their gigs, more sets, and just general info, they're doing some good shit over there.

Much Love.


Ps. These are mixed on Vinyl. So they're extra special.

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