Mar 31, 2009

Marky Mark and King Lee.

Marky Mark and King Lee, where does one begin to describe the sounds of two disco junkies... i can only put it one way, and im going to use an analogy if i may, its like getting a blender and throwing in a bit of Michael Jackson, Iggy pop, hard funk, and smooth house, fidget electro, bit of b-more, The Prodigy, M.I.A., and everyone in-between, and seeing what sound it makes as its blending, and for those of you who havn't been fortunate enough to catch them at play, it sounds fucking good. 

These two will get you so antsy in your skinny leg pantsy's that u won't be able to stop dancing unless they stop playing, it's like you don't have a choice, they're infectious party kid spirit doesn't permit it. 

But enough form me, i caught up with them a week back for their set at Chinese Laundry, where they hold a fortnightly residency, and asked them a few quick (and i mean QUICK) questions. This is how it went...;

How long have you guys been doing this for?
Just over 3 years now.

What are some of your biggest Influences?
Al bundy...Honestly..!!...

Where can we catch you doing ure thing live?
Chinese Laundry boooooooyyyy..
Also check out to check out our partners in crime.

How did you get into it?
We got into DJ'ing cause we got sick and tired of playing to no one in our garage.

What made u want to become a DJ?
Tits and beer baby!!

In 5 words describe your sound?
Only one word can describe our sound.....CHWELVE!!!..

These two men of very few words, prefer to let their music to do the talking. You and yours can catch them at Chinese Laundry in the CBD (Corner of King st and Sussex st) on the following dates;
11/04/09 Club Club 
Chinese Laundry, Sydney

24/04/09 Big Trouble 
Chinese Laundry, Sydney

25/04/09 Club Club 
Chinese Laundry, Sydney

22/05/09 Big Trouble 
Chinese Laundry, Sydney

Cheers boys, keep up the good work, remember to download their mix and do go and check them out, its a spectacle not to be missed. 

Here's a few more shots from the night;

Peace out Groovy kids.


Mar 23, 2009

Popissue - Black Heaven Aw 09/10

Popissue - Black Heaven

Konrad Opala, creator of Popissue clothing.

Originally from Poland, Konrad hit our shores about 5 years ago and is creating alot of hype. I've been fortunate to know the man for some time, even having the ability to do some work experience with him, and I see that this label is going nowhere but up. 

His Collections have come a long way since I first stumbled across it back in 2005, tee shirts with graphic prints were the basis of the label. watching the label evolve over the years into the punk chic, rock and roll dinnerware label its become today has been quite a journey. 

Recently I was fortunate enough to catch him for about half an hour and have a chat, this is how it went;  

How long has the label been around?

Around 5 years.

How has it grown since u first started it?

We started with 150 T-shirts, now we are selling throughout Australia and overseas, we are also doing denim, shirts, vests, jackets, etc.



Have you got any big shows coming up?

We are planning on doing RAFW in May in Sydney, we are also thinking about Paris Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2009.



What are your biggest influences?

Most inspirations for me come from my music idols from 70’s, 80’s and 90’s – I love watching their clips, listening to that music and all that is surrounding this atmosphere: movies, art. My passion is art, I always use my art in my designs. I want to create something more “me” that will distinguish us from the crowd, and I put a lot of work into it.



Where are you stocked in Australia and around the world?

We are present in most cities in Australia – from Sydney to Perth. In Asia we are, among others, in Harvey Nichols and Lane Crawford. We are also working on entering European boutiques – from Madrid to Berlin.


What else do you have besides the label?

Besides the label, there is no time for anything! I love painting, and sometimes I get an exhibition of my art, but recently I've had no time to paint.



What can we expect from the next collection?

Definitely something different from previous collections. It will be braver, sexier, magical and uniqe.

Looking forward to the release of the next collection, i've seen some of the designs and it looks wicked. If you want to know more about anything that Konrad is doing hit him up via email it's; .

Lookbook will be posted separately.

Peace out rockers.


ps. stay tuned to the blog for notifications of his next sample sale, Rockin threads, cheap cheap. 

Mar 15, 2009

My Blood Is Boiling, Ah.

I told you i'd bring to you what has been kept behind locked doors and here it is, 'My Blood Is Boiling, Ah.' is a refreshing change from the electro clash trash shit the city we call home manages to throw at us from just about everywhere. Deep house, Acid beats, Minimal tech. Explosions in the sky cause its blood to boil, not pleasant, this mix however is. Dirty tracks from unknown artists all over the world together in one place. Kinda chilled, a little bit chaotic, designed to get your blood Boiling. Check it out, comments welcome. 

DML - Fluid (Original Mix)

Kalope - In Deep Sea Expedition (Droog's What's Up Mr. Jellyfish Edit)

Martin Garnier - Its Too Late (Original Mix)

Loopin - Hydrothermal Vent (Aless Remix)

Inspirian - iNcredible (Original Mix)

Lilliehorn - Koja (Original Mix)

Nu4ms - Through The Pixel City (Original Mix)

DML - Arbeitstitel (Original Mix)

Lilliehorn - Survivor (Original Mix)

Alexxei n Nig - 4.30 Born To Carolina (Original Mix)

Nu4ms - Lost In This Loop (Original Mix)

)escale( - Melancholic Party (Original Mix) 



Mar 14, 2009

MiniFace + Vampire Shifts

Fuckin, Yeah. This got me excited, couple of guys i met in Derbyshire in the UK last year are doing some wicked shit. 'Bumpin 12" Speakers' is a Bangin' drum and bass mix seamlessly excecuted by one of the 6 Vampire Shifts boys, Miniface (Elliot Gierak) incl. nice sampling and a Siren... (needed to be noted), check it out, listen to it, and look like this guy ^.

If You are in the Derby area and wish to check em out or if for some reason you can't get to Derby to catch them do their thing live, u can check out their Myspace

Look forward to hearing more from these dudes soon. 


Mar 13, 2009

Watch This Space.

Got some of the best to showcase for all you out there. Local and international artists, dj's, musicians and photographers lending me some of their time to help show you what's going on behind closed doors, because it needs to be seen. Trust me, you won't want to miss this. 



Mar 12, 2009

Style Of Eye.

'Lock up your genres - Linus Eklow, aka Style Of Eye, is ripping up the rule book with his debut artist album, difficult to describe as anything other than the sort of music that makes you want to call your boss and tell them you’re not coming back to work on Monday'

This Dude is not receiving anywhere near enough props round this part of the world, gotta share this shit with you. 
Check out more about him on his website. 

If you want more go to Beatport, because chances are he wont like me giving it away for nothing and i'll start to feel bad...  

Stay cool groovers. 

Coopa DJ

Guys, This is a mix by a very talented, very good friend of mine. I want you all to listen to this because its good. Show some love for Coopa.

Also, check his Blog for more cool shit.

1. Wolfgang Gartner – Clap (Original Mix)
2. Sebastien Leger – Bad Clock (Deadmau5 Broken Clock Remix)
3. Deadmau5 – Slip (Sebastien Leger Remix)
4. Steve Angello – Acidmode (Original Mix)
5. STFU – Dirty Disco (Verdez Remix)
6. Sebastien Leger – The People (Original Mix)
7. Daniel Portman – Battle Scars (Passenger 10 Remix)
8. John Dahlback – It Feels So Good (Original Mix)
9. Mario Ochoa – Blow it up (Original Mix)
10. DINKA – Asylum (Original Mix)
11. Daniel Portman – Open Your Mind (Original Mix)
12. Jean Elan – Shake Me (Original Mix)
13. Greg Cerrone – Taking Control of You (D.O.N.S. Remix)
14. Funkagenda – Breakwater (EDX’s Ibiza Sunrise Mix)
15. Deadmau5 – Clockwork (Cosmic Gate Remix)

Peace honky tonk.



1. Cora Nova - Unattainable love (Charles Gudagafva Remix)
2. The Knife - Heartbeats (Style of Eye Remix)
3. Adam - A Beautiful Place (Original Mix)
4. Format B - Full House (Broombecks' Full Clap Remix)
5. Popof - Serenity (Lutzenkirchen Remix) 
6. Danger - 7H46 (Original Mix)
7. Style Of Eye - Clown (Original Mix)
8. Dataworx - Control (Koen Groeneveld Remix)
9. Style of Eye - The Prophet (Original Mix)
10. QK - Bermuda (Original Mix)
11. Olivier Giacomotto feat. DJ Tonio - Eat What You Kill (Kiko Remix)
12. Lisa Miskovsky - Still Alive (Benny Benassi Remix)
13. Danzca - Dark Neptune (Original Mix)
14. Deadmau5 - Slip (Originl Mix)
15. Jean Elan - Shake Me (Original Mix)
16. Dusty Kid - The Cat (Cold Blank Remix) 
17. The Passive Resistance - Obligatory Dogma (original Mix)
18. Pryda - Miami Atlanta (Adrian Lux Bootleg)
19. The Passive Resistance - Rooster (Original Mix)
20. John Dahlback - July First (Original Mix)


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