Mar 23, 2009

Popissue - Black Heaven

Konrad Opala, creator of Popissue clothing.

Originally from Poland, Konrad hit our shores about 5 years ago and is creating alot of hype. I've been fortunate to know the man for some time, even having the ability to do some work experience with him, and I see that this label is going nowhere but up. 

His Collections have come a long way since I first stumbled across it back in 2005, tee shirts with graphic prints were the basis of the label. watching the label evolve over the years into the punk chic, rock and roll dinnerware label its become today has been quite a journey. 

Recently I was fortunate enough to catch him for about half an hour and have a chat, this is how it went;  

How long has the label been around?

Around 5 years.

How has it grown since u first started it?

We started with 150 T-shirts, now we are selling throughout Australia and overseas, we are also doing denim, shirts, vests, jackets, etc.



Have you got any big shows coming up?

We are planning on doing RAFW in May in Sydney, we are also thinking about Paris Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2009.



What are your biggest influences?

Most inspirations for me come from my music idols from 70’s, 80’s and 90’s – I love watching their clips, listening to that music and all that is surrounding this atmosphere: movies, art. My passion is art, I always use my art in my designs. I want to create something more “me” that will distinguish us from the crowd, and I put a lot of work into it.



Where are you stocked in Australia and around the world?

We are present in most cities in Australia – from Sydney to Perth. In Asia we are, among others, in Harvey Nichols and Lane Crawford. We are also working on entering European boutiques – from Madrid to Berlin.


What else do you have besides the label?

Besides the label, there is no time for anything! I love painting, and sometimes I get an exhibition of my art, but recently I've had no time to paint.



What can we expect from the next collection?

Definitely something different from previous collections. It will be braver, sexier, magical and uniqe.

Looking forward to the release of the next collection, i've seen some of the designs and it looks wicked. If you want to know more about anything that Konrad is doing hit him up via email it's; .

Lookbook will be posted separately.

Peace out rockers.


ps. stay tuned to the blog for notifications of his next sample sale, Rockin threads, cheap cheap. 

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