Apr 27, 2009

Coopa Sessions: April 2009

April 2009

The end of the month has arrived and the music has once again been resolved into a 80 minute set layed out by Coopa. With a strong blend of Progressive House and Electro House hits, its been a fantastic month of dance music thats hit our Aussie shores. But even more exciting, this is the first mix that has been recorded straight from the decks into a studio recorder!! No software mixing this time, its pure CDJs...Pure Coopa!!!

Hope you enjoy the show!


1. Wolfgang Gartner – Push & Rise (Original Mix)

2. Felguk – Mutha Beatz (Original Mix)

3. Dirty Laundry – Hate Me (Arno Cost Remix)

4. Arno Cost – Cyan (Original Mix)

5. Hook & Sling – The Best Thing (TV Rock Remix)

6. Manuel De La Mare – In the Beginning (Original Mix)

7. DINKA – Road to Perdition (Original Mix)

8. Komytea – Afghanistan (Original Mix)

9. Laidback Luke vs. The Bloody Beetroots – Be Warp (JoGuedez Mashup)

10. Miles Dyson – Superbowl (Original Mix)
11. Alaa & Audible – Titan (Original Mix)

12. Felguk – Whatever Clever (Original Mix)

13. Helvetic Nerds – Sanctuary (EDX’s Afterhours Remix)

14. DINKA – Cannonball (Jean Elan Remix)
15. Eric Prydz – Lift (Original Mix)


Serenity Disturbed.

Another seemingly normal day begs to be re-defined as the air blows fresh through the bedroom window, one person is seated. He sips his tea and eats his banana bread, a noise appears, as if out of the blue, its vague at first, but it takes shape. Form is slowly being discovered as he learns there are other forces at work on this clean autumn morning. The sky clouds over, and the noise begins to bash against his ear drums, begging a reaction. He sits silently in what has become a mess of darkness, rain and overbearing noise, when suddenly the urge to move overcomes him. As temperatures rise, his room slowly falls away and all the shelter he had from the harsh elements is now gone. He's dancing, nothing else matters. but the music stops.. what a shit ending. Anyway at least the mix is good.

1. Prosumer And Murat Tepeli - Serenity (Soundstream's Dusty Machine Mix)

2. Kolombo - Tweedle Dee (Daniele Papini Remix)

3. Sidekick - Deep Fear (more Deep Mix)

4. Austin Leeds - Losing my Mind (Yos and Carrera Remix)

5. Butch - Amelie (Format:B Remix)

6. Mark Simmons, Dennis De Laat - Inca (Main Mix)

7. Richard Grey - One More Time (Dennis the Menace and Big World Remix)

8. Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now (Abel Ramos Brighton With Love Mix)

9. Lutzenkirchen UK - Back in Time (Caninesounds Remix)

10. Alex Costa - Turin (Nikitin and Semakishev Mix)

11. Miles Dyson - Track From Hell (Electrixx Remix)

12. Marcexl - El Konsumo (Original Mix)

Peace out funky cats,

Apr 22, 2009

Twisted DJs

Tangled, Distorted, Corrupt and sickingly..Twisted....

Those are the words we now live by as Dan and I have collaborated our innovations and creations to give you the Twisted DJs..Mixing a range of Tech House, Minimal, Electro House and Progressive House beats, the Twisted DJs are bringing something to the dance scene that will make the diverse converse..

Below is a promotional mix of what you can expect from us!! Also catch us this friday at Cake Sydney spinning our stuff!!! (TwistedMK2)

-Twisted DJs-

Apr 21, 2009

Twisted MK1 Launch Night

I Hope You Enjoy The Show were very happy to have a very unexpected, yet amazing turnout at Double Bays new friday night fun at Twisted, Cake Sydney. A great glow of of diverse tunes went on throughout the night, with the Baltimore boys Talk Nerdy To Me featuring the infamous Ados. Straight after without warning we heard some of the most amazing electro bombs that just blew the crowd away... Seany Tee from Nude Wednesdays hit the elecric wheels of steel and gave everyone a memorable time on the floor, and we hope to be seeing him at Soho with their new night Playtime. Headlining the event was electro dropper and progressive story boy, Coopa... A strong blend of tracks by Miles Dyson through to Passenger 10, this sydney DJ will not just make you bounce but will also take you on a journey through impressive genre transitions...

Photographer and blog-partner Daniel Mulherin set the frames up and adjusted the lens' to illustrate how this launch night went for all of us, and a hope that we can make something of this club, as Twisted DJs...

Check out the pics here. And don't forget we'll be doing it again this friday night so get yourselves down to Cake Sydney and show some love! The lineup has not yet been finalised but it'll be stellar!!

-Twisted DJs-

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Peace out groovers.

Apr 12, 2009

Twisted Flyer

The flyer for Cake Sydney has been designed by graphic man and good friend Jamieson Scott, who's been in the graphic industry for as long as I've known him.
Just a quick message about Cake, could you please get all your guestlists in as soon as possible, as we're trying to survey how many people we got going for the launch night, as we'd like to show the owner how well we can draw a crowd and to see if we can get permanent residency for this night!!

So either contact Daniel Mulherin or myself through facebook or whatever means and send us the list...Remember, with a list of 10 people of more you get a $50 Complimentary Bar Tab!


He's a Deckhead.

Jax Carr, Blogger extraordinaire.

There's not much that has been said about this fellow 20yr old eastern suburbs boy. I don't believe the fact that his blog (I'm a Deckhead) is one of the biggest of its kind in Australia (and probably the Southern Hemisphere come to mention it) and after having the thing for just over a year now us bloggers know that's no easy feat. 
If I'm honest he makes me kind of jealous, what with his extremely social life of interviewing master artists and dj's, hosting his own music, getting thousands of hits per day and having a newly established mixing duo, 'Talk Nerdy to Me', who played their first show at Candy's apartment last night, which I'm sure took the place by the balls and only let it go 10 minutes before the set was over because people were complaining they couldn't dance. I'm sure this guy is destined for big things in the club scene and music blogging world. 
Unfortunately  i wasn't there last night to see them do it, i wish i was, i mean i should have been seeing as i was up all night anyway doing a great deal of nothing but tossing and turning trying to figure out at 2am whether Candys has to enforce the 2am lockout rule or if i can still get in... So sorry i couldn't make it fellas, i didn't have the cash to stay there all night. However not to worry as our (mine and Coopa's) new night 'Twisted' launches this friday at Cake in Sydney's Double bay and we have organised these two + a little friend of theirs to provide the tunes for 2 hours so we can all see them there.
Apart from this guy making me seriously jealous there's alot more to be said about him, but i'll let him tell it himself, i got to catch up with him a week or so ago for a few midday beers and a short discussion about music, and when i finally got around to asking him about himself, this is what he said,

Why are you doing what you are doing??
When I was at university I realised that the best way for me to consistently practice my writing was to get a blog, and since I enjoy music so much I realised, hey this is the best way to get my ideas across.

How did it start??
It all started with two conversations, one with a lecturor at my uni who suggested getting an account with blogger. and the other with a mate about his experiences with blogs.

How has it grown since the day you begun to today??
It has grown at such a rapid rate, that I never expected. It especially took of after getting linked to hypem, from there it has exploded.

I hear you do alot of interviews for the blog, who are some of the biggest names you have interviewed??
A Fair few people. but the highlights would have to be, 
Dave Nada, Sinden and def. Snob Scrilla.

Where can we catch you doing your dj thing live??
Mainly in Kings Cross at either Candy's or Moulin Rouge!

What can we expect from you and your blog in the future??
A site re-design is happening, layout and also to become a ".com" also some guest posts from prominent djs from sydney and abroad.

Nice work buddy, I'm sure we'll be hearing alot more from this guy and 'Talk Nerdy to Me' soon. If you wanna catch him doing his thing this week, we've got 'Talk Nerdy to Me' at Twisted! at Cake this friday night, otherwise bask in the images from the day of the interview. 

Peace out all. 

Don't forget to look at his blog in my 'amigos' bar, its shamefully good.

Take a bow Jax.

take a bowon the balcony

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