May 30, 2009

OnTheList - Mel Prior

Howdy y'all, sorry its taken soo long to get this post up, but things have been fairly busy busy here at Hope You Enjoy The Show. Anyway, here it is. Last Friday night I was very pleased to be invited to a fantastic launch party for a lovely little website called OnTheList, a Sydney run website dedicated to getting you and yours on the list to a huge array of Sydney's hottest, banginest clubs. Providing discounted entry (sometimes even free!!) to all these great places on the one site.
As I mentioned earlier, I was fortunate enough to be invited to and allowed to photograph the launch party which to no surprise was a huge success, the place was full by 11 with some of Sydneys best (incl. Mindgutter (retro society), Thirsty Dedds (MUM), Zane 'n' Love, Gustav, Dirty Decade and Barely Legal)  keeping the floor pumping right from the start. Hopefully this is the start of a regular event, but word on the grapevine is, it shall not be so TOO BAD if you missed it, it was a wicked shindig. 
The real reason for the post however isn't to talk about the launch party though, its to get to know the lady behind the website, young Melissa Prior and her feelings towards the website and general goings on. I caught up with her for an interview the other day, and this is what she had to say;

What is On The List???
On The List is here to make clubbing a smoother and cheaper experience for everyone! We offer guestlists for the hottest clubs in Sydney, when you are On The List you get benefits like discount, priority and free entry! Why pay cover when you can be OnTheList. It's essentially an answer to a problem we had when we started clubbing, we never knew where to go, the only reason a promoter would talk to anyone was to make a few $$ with your name and it was always a hassle checking to see if the details had gone through. Not only do we run guestlists for the hottest clubs but we have a killer blog too featuring the latest tracks and interviews with the big names like Acid Jacks with many more to come. You can also check out our featured Dj's page with fresh up and coming talent! There rest of the plan remains top secret but big things are happening so check it out and make sure your On The List! 

How long has it been running for??
After months of hard work by our systems engineer Adam developing the site, followed by 2 months of testing we have officially launched! May 22nd saw the birth of On The List with a kick ass party made possible by Smirnoff. 

What made you want to start??
It was just a desire to have reliable, easy to find and easy to access info about what was going on around town. Everyone wants to have the best night out they can, so that's what we're trying to help out with - whilst saving each clubber a few $$ on entry.

Can we expect more parties??
The launch was quite a banger if I dont say so myself, Smirnoff's sponsorship made for a wicked party. But our focus is on the website, we aim to give clubbers the latest up to date info on whats happening around town, keeping it up to date is the priority for us at the moment. 

What is the next step for On The List?
At the moment, we are developing version 2 of the site, we're expanding
our networks and what not, you can find us on twitter; and the facebook group
. Our ultimate aim is to be able to let the peoples know whats going on where and when, what they need and what they dont - we're just trying to help people have as much fun out as we (the sun's up... really!?) do! We're always open to suggestions :)

What are On The List's top 5 tunes you're feeling at the moment???
Tittsworth - WTF (Nadstrom On Drugs Remix)
Hot Pink Delorean - Party Favour (Knowlotron's Whole Nubbah Rebbah Remixxx)Calvin Harris - I'm not Alone (Deadmau5 Remix)
The Yank - We Can't be Stopped
The Awkward Boys - Thugger

Shameless self promotion...
We're essentially here becuase we want people to be out having fun, knowing exactly who is on where and when. We don't make any dosh from the list's we submit unlike other promoters and we can guaranty (assuming you get your names down before the cut off :)) your names have been sent thru.
We genuinly want to help out the scene and the people hitting up clubs through out the week, no bullshit or anything. People want to know what's hot and we want to tell them :) We want to give the up and coming fresh talent out there an opportunity to be heard and all and all make everyone night out a lot easier. 

They really do rock the party scene. Amazing work. Now, check the photos from the infamous launch party;

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Mel, if you're reading this, keep up the good work, and don't forget, to be on the list to all of Sydney's best events/parties, get OnTheList!!!



Quick Fix!

I hope everyone can appreciate that I should be studying for my exams. Ha, as if!! Anyway here are some amazing tracks that I found you guys, be nice and support the artists HERE!

Voodoo & Serano Feat. Plastic Inc – I Stand Alone (Jean Elan Remix)

Norman Doray & Albin Myers - Drunk & Dial (Original Remix)

John Dahlback – Everywhere (D.O.N.S Meets DBN In The Box Remix)

Deadmau5 – California Love (Zoltan Kontes Remix)

Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters (Laidback Luke Remix)


May 29, 2009

Coopa Sessions: May 2009

Well I've gathered all the best new dance songs (in my opinion) for this month, and I am happy to present to you my session for May 2009!
I mainly concentrated on the Electro House tracks this month, as I found that the Progressive House tunes weren't that fantastic, alot of tracks were quite similar to the month before and I didn't really hear anything new and exciting...But everyone enjoys Electro smashed out one after the other, so they'll be no disappointment here!

I Hope You Enjoy The Session...

Coopa: May 2009


1. Wolfgang Gartner - Wolfgang's 5th Symphony (Original Mix)
Dave Darell, HI:FI - Flash 2.9 (Dave Darell Remix)
3. Bart B More - So It Goes (Chocolate Puma Remix)
4. Spencer & Hill, Felguk - Fingertips (Spencer & Hill Remix)
5. Sidney Samson - Riverside (Randy Santino Remix)
6. Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Sandy Moss Remix)
7. The Porn Kings vs. DJ Supreme - Up To Tha Wildstyle (Spencer & Hill Remix)
8. The Prodigy - Omen (Simmons & Machiavelli Bootleg)
9. Leventina - Naked (Original Mix)
10. John Dahlback, ATFC - Bon Bon (Original Mix)
11. Royksopp - The Girl and the Robot (Jean Elan Remix)
12. Lazy Rich - Take Control (Original Mix)
13. Laidback Luke vs. Faithless - Shake It Insomnia (Paul Aristo Bootleg)
14. Olivier Giacomotto - Wasabi on Top (Original Mix)
15. Spencer & Hill - Cool (Inphinity Remix)
16. Roman Salzger - (Voices) Inside My Head (Day Edit)
17. Sebastian Ingrosso - Laktos (Original Mix)


May 28, 2009

Deadmau5 & Billy Newton Davis; I Like Their Music

Toronto’s premier party label, Play Records, deliver yet another slice of big room electro house that looks set to invade the neon lit dance floors around the UK this summer. Already a firm favourite among the electro elite with support from Pete Tong, The Ed Banger crew, Tiga and Erol Alkan, Play has once again come up with the goods and ‘All You Ever Want’ featuring Billy Newton-Davis vs. Deadmau5 is a sure fire winner.

Released on Play Record’s housier imprint YALP, ‘All You Ever Want’ drops on UK shores this summer. Having already received massive accolades in Canada, ‘All You Ever Want’ won the award for Best Dance Recording at the 2008 Juno Awards.

Play Records’ big cheese Melleefresh, aka Melleny Melody, roped in long time cohort Billy Newton Davis and teamed him up with the ubiquitous Deadmau5 for a thumping set piece in electro house artistry. ‘All You Ever Want’ comes with a hefty slab of eight choice remixes designed for the sunset beach parties to the early morning after shows.

The original edit is a warm slice of disco house sweetness just waiting for the Ibiza season to kick in. Deadmau5 lends his mighty electro magic wand to 3 tougher, edgier remixes with eyes fully on the grittier dance floors. J Tease drops a peak time remix, destined for the club charts this summer. With additional remixes by Jackson Q, Nino Anthony and Amsterdam’s Arjuna Schiks, this remix package pushes it to the limit.

Melleny, who herself was nominated in the same Juno category with her track ‘After Hours’, discovered the star-bound Deadmau5 in 2004 and began collaborating with the talented Producer/DJ on a number of chart topping releases, among them the hugely successful ‘Beautiful & Rich & Horny’. Her other hits ‘Hey Baby’ and ‘Cocktail Queen’ helped to establish Play Records as one of the more progressive and popular labels around.

Billy Newton-Davis, one of Canada's hottest entertainers and has worked with a veritable mix of legendary acts like Eartha Kitt, Jocelyn Brown and dance queen Gloria Gaynor and is currently putting the finishing touches to his hotly tipped new album on Play/Yalp Records later this year.

Please remember to support Deadmau5 & Billy Newton Davis here on the exclusive release at

(I dont have all the remixes yet because they are brand spanking new, but I will upload more when I get the chance, so stay posted!)

Deadmau5 & Billy Newton Davis - All You Ever Want (Original Mix)
Deadmau5 & Billy Newton Davis - All You Ever Want (All My Dreams Remix)
Deadmau5 & Billy Newton Davis - All You Ever Want (Nino Anthony Remix)

And here are two songs that aren't even on Beatport yet, so grab it!!

Deadmau5 & Billy Newton Davis - I Like Your Music (Original Mix)

Deadmau5 & Billy Newton Davis - I Like Your Music (Velvet Remix)

I hope you enjoy...


Mash-Ups, Bootlegs & Nobodys!!

I must admit I’ve been hiding songs from everyone, for that I apologise! But from now on I will be sharing my most prized possessions with you! Little gems hidden in the giant jungle that we all call the internet! I must say, most Mash-Ups, Bootlegs and songs remixed by Nobodys are rubbish! But I persevere and filter through all that shit for you to find the BEST tracks that will make you DANCE!

Dirty South Vs Faithless - Let It Insomnia (D.O.N.S Mash-Up)

The Prodigy - Omen (D-Jaz & Kaduukradio Headache Bootleg)

Laidback Luke Vs Bloody Beetroots - Be Warp (JoGuedez)

Proxy Vs Benny Benassi - Satisfied Raven (Horse Remix)

Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch (Fego & Gindor Remix)

Stonebridge Vs Passenger 10 - Put Em High (Newik)


You Tease Me Soo Good!!

(Hannah Ware - We Love You)

Nice new little teaser mix done this morning, a little compilation of what I believe to be the best tracks posted on the blog so far. Run time 27.20 minutes. Nice and Quick, but it sure is heavy. You'll dig it.


1. Dave Darell/Hi Fi - Flash 2.9 (Dave Darell Remix)

2. Laidback Luke - Generation Noize (Riva Starr Rechunk)

3. Spencer and Hill - Cool (Afrojack Remix)

4. Spencer and Hill/Felguk - Fingertips (Original Mix)

5. Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger (Felguk Remix)

6. Dave Darell - Freeloader (Klaas Remix)

7. Sydney Blu/Matteo Dimarr - Panic Attack (Original Mix)

8. Lazy Rich - Take Control (Original Mix)

9. Wolfgang Gartner - Wolfgang's 5th Symphony (Original Mix)

Download and listen.



May 26, 2009

Slap n' Dash

Oh dear, where does one begin to describe this... alright, so take two kids from melbourne named Mu-Gen and Scattermish (pictured above left to right) with one of the oldest music blogs in Australia (Scatterblog!!), throw them into Sydney's Chinese Laundry with 2 turntables each, a laptop each, Serato scratch or Traktor and a mixer... what do you get? Big trouble at the infamous Laundry last weekend presented the two together as Slap n' Dash, their set, as described above was incredible. Those crazy party boys from down south showed us a thing or two about how its done, and my god, they did it so fucking well. Their new four turntable set was absolutely amazing, had the crowd absolutely sweating and bumpin' up a storm, sometimes hearing 4 tracks at once. 
I must say, it was the first time i'd ever heard such a thing done, for those of you who missed it, here's part 1&2 of an ongoing mix they're playing with at the moment with 4 turntables and 2 mixers!!!


Now that you all understand what I've been talking about, you're probably asking yourself some very hard questions, the first being, 'mmm how the fuck did they do that???' I must say I felt the same way, so I went to Scattermish for some help, and this is what he had to say..

'with the 4 deck thing, yeah sometimes we freestyle, but the sets are heavily crafted, basically we have a bunch of little sections, so they're usually like 15 minute chunks, and then we choose throughout the night what to jump between depending on how stuff's going but since it's 4 turntables, and 3 or 4 tracks often playing at once, it needs to be pretty rehearsed that's why we're constantly glued to the screens, cause we're grabbing new songs, hitting cues, looping, mixing scratching etc' (hence in all the photos you're about to view, there are around about 2 with their faces in it.)

With a blog thats packed to the brim with music, mixes and general party stuff, one like myself can't help but be a tad envious, so when the chance to see these guys arose with the potential for an interview, photos and exclusive post, I couldn't help at jump at it. Anyways i figure its about enough from me, I'm going to let Mu-Gen tell the rest of their story, just a little note before I do though the interview was recorded on the night in person with no preparation on my mobile phones voice recorder, some words have been changed and the whole thing has been tidied up a touch as we were both absolutely blind.

oh, and here's another little Gem from Mu-Gen to get you in the mood, his most recent liveset containing 45 songs in around about 50 minutes, the boy is insane. 


How did you get into DJ'ing??
Aaah, when I was about..10 I started drumming in a jazz band with my old man who was around 35 at the time, so I was playing with a bunch of middle aged dudes playin jazz for about 10 years, from jazz I moved into rock like skunk, power and shit like that, and from that I moved into Djing which is what i do now...

What is your favorite thing about DJ'ing?
Making people sweat, i loove making people sweat and making people dance. The main thing I crave though, because I'm not the big look up and take notice of the crowd kinda dude, is people bumping to the music, if people are doing that then im a happy dude. 

I know you guys have had a pretty full calender but, what was your favorite ever gig? 
Had to be the Merideth Music festival in Victoria, around about 18,000 people, 1 stage, so the whole concept of the festival is one stage, not multiple stages so no matter what music your into you gotta get down to whats happening on that one stage, we played the headlining spot on the Saturday night and it was definatly the greatest gig we've had to date. 

Tell us a little bit about the blog??
Myself, Scattermish, Paz, Louis Cancut and Matt Cant, run a blog called scatterblog, its an internet blog site which we are about to turn into a dot com, we're building it at the moment, and its a music label aswell, scatter music and we've signed a whole bunch of local and international acts like, solo, scotty B, sticky K, all the guys from the blog and the whole concept is free music, im a firm believer that music should be free and the way that good artists should make their money is from touring , and if you're not good enough to tour, then you shouldnt be getting paid for it, if you can make music and you can tour, then granted you can make money, it should be like it was in the 60's where no1 made any money from their albums and people only got paid for doing gigs. 

Given that you guys have had so much success in the Blog world and in clubs around Melbourne and Sydney, it's only a matter of time until you start producing, have you been doing much of this??
We have been, yeah, we've got a couple of things around at the moment, ive got a remix out on sony for ground component, a couple of originals out on scattermusic, and i think we've got a new remix happening for NASA, if everyone knows NASA, dope dude, coming out in the next 2/3 weeks i think.

Top 5 tracks at the current?? (As told by Scattermish!!)

1. Laidback Luke - Generation Noise (Riva Starr Rechunk)
2. R1 Ryders - Rubberband (Sorry guys, the track is impossible to find, might be time for some crate diggin!)
3. Tee 'Ski & Shab Ruffcut - Ooww Barr Boo (Edu K Remix)
La Roux - In 4 the Kill (L-Vis 1990 RIP Hyper Bass Remix)
5. Toadally Krossed Out - Toads Theme
6. Anything Sharkslayer (couldn't help but add these guys, tee hee)

I managed to find 2 tracks, (wicked, highly recommended!!!)

Favorite ever tune?!!?? (As told by Mu-Gen)
 Steppenwolf - Magic carpet ride. 

Awesome stuff guys, we very much 'Enjoyed The Show' and we very much hope to see you all again!! Don't forget to check out their blog for more exciting news, all their upcoming gigs, tracks, mixes and interviews are on there just waiting to be downloaded, and you can all see what I Hope You Do Enjoy The Show aspires to be. 
Aaanyway, as usual I brought my camera along to the event, and photographed it, this is how it went down!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Much love all you boys and girls.