May 22, 2009


What can’t be said about Klaas! The German bred electro composer first stunned us all with several debuted releases and approached the music scene ambitiously through the art of mixing innovative synth sounds. His label Scream and Shout Recordings with tech extraordinaire Micha Moor shot into the spotlight with his releases paving onto playlists of the most reputable DJ celebrities. His distinctively energetic style of sound has been blowing the speakers of clubs for years. Since then he’s been producing fantastic electro-pumping singles and releasing massive independent mixes with his partner Micha Moor. His signature line ‘Klaas Club Mix’ has become a worldwide and well known success through Beatport charts and German dance charts…And has now started to remix famous pop music celebrity tracks, so stay tuned for them!!

Here are some releases and remixes from well known European dance artists…

Bob Marley – Bad Boys (Klaas vs Vandalism Remix)

Jean Elan – Wheres Your Head At (Klaas Remix)

Dave Darell – Freeloader (Klaas Remix)

Run DMC – It’s Like That (Klaas Remix)

Greg Cerrone – Pilling Me (Klaas Remix)

Attack Attack - Set The Sun (Klaas Remix)

Armand Van Helden - My My My (Klaas Remix)

Danny S – Keep Me Hanging On (Klaas Mad Saw Remix)

Guru Josh Project – Infinity (Klaas Remix)

Klaas – How Does It Feel (Vocal Remix)

Fragma – Memory (Klaas Remix)

Remember this is only a sample of the great man's work, and is not to be used for anything else. If you want more, do the right thing and support him on beatport.



  1. wow lets post 11 of klaas's tracks
    all the hard effort he has put into these, and your taking it away with your small base of fans being able to download it for free

    and you don't even link where to buy his tracks, or links to see his live show

    blogs like this put a bad name for decent blogs

  2. shit, sorry we'll have the link to his beatport page up immediatly, as far as his live show is concerned, he's not here.

    thanks though anonymous.



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