Mar 31, 2009

Marky Mark and King Lee.

Marky Mark and King Lee, where does one begin to describe the sounds of two disco junkies... i can only put it one way, and im going to use an analogy if i may, its like getting a blender and throwing in a bit of Michael Jackson, Iggy pop, hard funk, and smooth house, fidget electro, bit of b-more, The Prodigy, M.I.A., and everyone in-between, and seeing what sound it makes as its blending, and for those of you who havn't been fortunate enough to catch them at play, it sounds fucking good. 

These two will get you so antsy in your skinny leg pantsy's that u won't be able to stop dancing unless they stop playing, it's like you don't have a choice, they're infectious party kid spirit doesn't permit it. 

But enough form me, i caught up with them a week back for their set at Chinese Laundry, where they hold a fortnightly residency, and asked them a few quick (and i mean QUICK) questions. This is how it went...;

How long have you guys been doing this for?
Just over 3 years now.

What are some of your biggest Influences?
Al bundy...Honestly..!!...

Where can we catch you doing ure thing live?
Chinese Laundry boooooooyyyy..
Also check out to check out our partners in crime.

How did you get into it?
We got into DJ'ing cause we got sick and tired of playing to no one in our garage.

What made u want to become a DJ?
Tits and beer baby!!

In 5 words describe your sound?
Only one word can describe our sound.....CHWELVE!!!..

These two men of very few words, prefer to let their music to do the talking. You and yours can catch them at Chinese Laundry in the CBD (Corner of King st and Sussex st) on the following dates;
11/04/09 Club Club 
Chinese Laundry, Sydney

24/04/09 Big Trouble 
Chinese Laundry, Sydney

25/04/09 Club Club 
Chinese Laundry, Sydney

22/05/09 Big Trouble 
Chinese Laundry, Sydney

Cheers boys, keep up the good work, remember to download their mix and do go and check them out, its a spectacle not to be missed. 

Here's a few more shots from the night;

Peace out Groovy kids.


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