Jul 16, 2009

Brain Matters!

Its with great privilege to do a post on such great 'young' talent that is seeking into our Sydney clubs, all the way from up north!! I present to you... BRAIN MATTERS!

Central Coast DJs Northie (Vacation Records) and partner Benson are burning up places everywhere they touch with their surgecial hands!! Playing through the streets of Kings Cross, up to Oxford Street, and all the way back home playing in Gosford and even Fitzory! These boys are definitely getting the attention they deserve, and their energetic sets do not go un-noticed!!

Heres a quick bio of the duo!!!


Raised on music, sparking with innovation and overflowing with potential – a young Aaron Lee North AKA Producer, DJ and Artist - Northie, has become a succeeding individual in the eyes of his predecessors.
Hailing from the sunny Central Coast of NSW, Northie has quickly caused the not-too-far city of Sydney to feel the boom!

Only 19 years young, Northie has been turning heads with his matured compositions, engineering,
ear-catching scratching and in-key mixing; of which you would find amongst one of his energetic sets.
His versatility to defy the restrictions of ‘house music’ and branch into all kinds of sub-genres, with energy extracted from a punk rock, hip hop & breaks-fed childhood. Despite being able to showcase a tasteful maturity within his music, Northie will make no sacrifice of fun!
He approaches crowds with a simple goal to keep feet dancing and ensure listeners of a not-so-serious party time!
Since his turning of legal age, a year and a half has passed in which Northie has attained more than a few achievements:
He has become the newest member of the internationally acclaimed label Vacation Records,
co-hosted an FM radio show, launched events in his hometown, gained international coverage of his tunes, released handful’s of Originals and Remixes on a bunch of creditable labels, played his first
festival set, formed the super-surgical-party-start
ing Brain Matters Djs and established a national
With gathered support and recognition from the likes of Bingo Players, The Potbelleez, Mark Trophy, Bass Kleph, Malente, Robb G, Tommy Trash, fRew, Dopamine, Vandalism, Marcus Knight, Miami Horror, Adam Bozzetto, Jeff Drake, Chris Fraser, WoNk, Dj Dan, Donald Glaude, Kid Kenobi, The Shopliftaz, Losty, Signal Drivers, Stereo Heroes and many, many more.. world domination and
a definitely bright future is not far off for Mr. North! So lookout!


The nomadic, quirk-tastic party starter..
- a title 19-years-young Benson may be given once witnessed melting the dance floor at your local house party, pool party or bar mitzvah.
This DJ, producer and all round 'top bloke' resides on the sunny Central Coast of NSW, where he has crystalized his poppin' party mash-up, baltimore influenced beach groove vibes.
Already blessing every local Coast club and spanning to Sydney with his divine party presence, after only a year of moving from his home town in Melbourne, where his journey began at the likes of TFU and Playskool.
Benson's ability on the one's and two's ain't all he's known for..
Having recently stepped into the world of production, Benson has already had bloggable success. His bootlegs and remixes have gained recognition and support from the likes of Ajax, Act Yo Age, The Hump Day Project, Gorilla Speakers (Amsterdam), Albacore (USA) and more..
Not to forget his recent remix of what is now the Official iriver 2009 theme "Entwined" by Triple J Unearthed successes' Bipolar Badwise.
Benson has also recently joined forces with fellow Central Coast companion Northie, in their super-surgical-dj-posse "Brain Matters" - who have birthed a series of successful parties, tunes and credibility in their local region.
There seems to be nothing stopping this killer in stereo!

So without telling you too much of how amazing these two really are, if you're in Sydney be sure to catch them at Candy's or The Chinese Laundry. It's been a real honour been able to play alongside them, and you really don't want to miss dancing behind them!!

Brain Matters - Brain Freeze: The Winter '09 Mixtape

This is a fantastic collaboration of what this duo can really do!! Look out for their own remixes and original productions!

Brain Matters - Big Storm
Brain Matters - The Big Weekend
RQM - Barely Evil (Brain Matters Remix)
MC Mego - P.A.R.T.Y (Brain Matters Remix)

If your heart is still racing, we've been given an exclusive blog-only release of the Barely Legal remix, which is coming soon to OMG! Records.

RQM - Barely Evil (Brain Matters Remix)

This is such a treat for everyone to get onto, and I hope this will make you understand how much Brain...Matters to us!!

Brain Matters..

Upcoming Shows ( view all )
17 Jul 2009 8:00 P
Brain Matters @ Pay Tv (Burdekin) Sydney, New South Wales
24 Jul 2009 8:00 P
Brain Matters @ Candys Apartment Sydney, New South Wales
8 Aug 2009 12:00 P
Brain Matters @ Melt Sydney, New South Wales
8 Aug 2009 8:00 P
Brain Matters @ Candys Apartment (Disco Disco) Sydney, New South Wales
29 Nov 2009 8:00 P
Sunday School @ Iguana Joes W/ Rico Tubbs (Finland) Gosford, New South Wales

www.myspace.com/brainmatters djs

I Hope You Enjoy The Show...


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