Jul 3, 2009

1 Man Army

This is a real treat. A brand spankin new track straight off the press from one of the Troublemakers who goes by the name of 1 Man Army (Heath Jansson also 1/2 of Hump Day Project).

The Champion, a smooth tech house bomb illustrating the Troublemakers new found obsession with the genre which in months to come is sure to take Sydney by storm. Although this is his first release under the name 1 Man Army, he's also produced a number of originals under the alias 'Downtime', as well as a solid portfolio of bootlegs and remixes (by himself and with Hump Day Project) which have been used by the likes of Ajax, Stanton Warriors, and Aston Shuffle just to name a few.

Be sure to check this guy out either solo or as Hump Day at Sydney's Chinese Laundry, however with too many upcoming shows to mention I'll link you to the dates page and you can see for yourself.

Now here are the tracks,

(Tech House)

(Electro House)

Enjoy ladies and gentlemen,



  1. get of troublemakers cock

  2. did u mean to say get off?

  3. i hear you guys get tracks by sucking up to people and asking for stuff

    not by people sending it to you because they like / respect your blog

  4. mm... how to respond to this... let me put it this way, we're now into our 4th full month, contacts have been made, relationships established with certain people within the music/club industry, to establish those connections and relationships there were a few favours required, (more like a mutual exchange) so yes, in earlier days i did ask for eg mindgutter for their interview, i asked slap n dash for theirs too, infact every interview i have done i have asked for, tracks, i don't ask for, i don't generally handle tracks personally, however, a relationship has been established with marky mark, kingsly, tom yum, etc because i know them personally, not because i suck up to them, and any praise given on the blog is my genuine feelings towards their music.

    so, back to your original grapevine story, i did ask for mixes to begin with, now we don't have to, As we are slowly becoming more and more known (A lot of people still havn't heard of us). Now I literally recieve them as soon as they are uploaded. which is why, if you see it here, its generally long before you'll see it anywhere else.

    but to be honest here, i'd go so far as to say, i do have tracks sent to me which people would like blogged, i don't do all of them, however if there is something i think is truely special, which has not been given to me, i will ask for it, it just goes with the reason this blog was established, for me anyway, as a way of sharing things i think are 1 either not getting the attention they diserve, or just something we think is really cool. + as a way of getting our mixes (mine, coopa's and ours together Twisted DJ's) out there, distributing my photos and generally sharing cool shit.

    i hope this helps you anonymous.



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