Jul 19, 2009

Niggaz on Crack.

So... I've been waiting on this for a little while now... and I'm very excited to present to you. Some new shit from Niggaz on Crack. Sydney producer duo Steve Lind (Hump Day Project) and Richard Gallie (Derty Rich) team up to deliver two wicked tech house bombs with bongos a plenty. The Boys are also a part of the infamous troublemakers who I'm sure you, like me, can't get enough of. Have a listen for yourself, see what you think.

Derty Rich is also one half of the Mastermind talent behind MrMeanr (with Zach Cullen 'Club Junque' who was featured earlier this month on the blog), a monthly party at the Chinese Laundry who recently brought in Mightyfools to literally tear the place appart, I was fortunate enough to have been there on the Friday night. The atmosphere was amazing, raw energy overcame everyone in the crowd as the dutch fidget gods graced the decks. The Air conditioning was broken almost immediatly, along with several smoke detectors, the ceiling was dripping with sweat, several holes were punched, mirrors were fogged and dripping, and there wasn't a dry body in the house. Expect the photos from the night to be up soon. 1 word, Unbelievable.

Also one more treat for you coming by way of new remix by an awesome dude (its 100% exclusive and was actually finished yesterday :D) by the name of Barely Legal. Gracing the Sydney club scene for only a short time playing a few gigs around town and even headlining the white room at Oxford Art Factory for the RetroSociety, in a set you can expect to hear everything from Dubstep to hard electro to more downtempo NuDisco. With remixes by him popping up constantly through the sets you can expect to be hearing alot more from this boy wonder on this blog. Here's a taste of the talents with his remix of Deadmau5's 'Then We Stood Still'.

As if that wasn't enough, I also have for you Derty Rich's new promo mix(I know its been around for a while but I always planned on posting it with his new tracks, so, an oldy but a goody)

Enjoy Groovers,


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