Aug 4, 2009

Doctor Werewolf

Well Well Well, it's about time we had a chance to write something about these guys, I am very proud to present to you, Doctor Werewolf.

Tearing up dance floors around Sydney and Australia Doctor Werewolf have a style rivaled by none, their dirty ravey remixes of hard metal, spanning all the way to cutesy synth pop, have captivated crowds since the very beginning of their 5 year presence on the scene.

Adam Zae and Andrew Bell make up Doctor Werewolf and are a part of Sydney's 'Troublemakers' who, incase you don't know work right out of our number 1. club Chinese Laundry. With several epic remixes to date and more original works to come this year its easy to see why the doctors are getting soo much love at the moment.

Incase you don't believe me you can check it out for yourself right her... I have for you a selection of tunes sure to make you look into the sky, howl at the moon and... turn really hairy... bite the person next to you, and wake up the next morning not knowing what happened but lacking all of your clothes. By the way, when asked to describe the style of these tunes, Adam replies... "We try not to genrefy what we do cause we both have very random taste in music but our influences span from electronic dance music to metal, trip hop and even blues and classical. Live, we play a freaky blend of ravey shit, rocky shit, heavy shit and dirty shit with some bouncy shit for good measure."

(Not to be confused with WCW's gang of 6-7ft tall mixed racial wrestling crew.)


Metallica - Enter Sandman (Doctor Werewolf Remix) (320kbps) (Fucking HUUGE tune)
Bon Jovi - Livin On A Prayer (Doctor Werewolf Remix) (320kbps) (aah, sweet nostalgia)
Far Too Loud - Play It Loud (Doctor Werewolf Remix) (320kbps) (have glowsticks?)
Doctor Werewolf - Zero (Original Mix) (320kbps) (as above.)


Now, what i need you all to do is go to the troublemakers site, go to the artists page, and read more about them, download their promo pack, fall in love with them, realise that Adam Zae also hosts Club Club EVERY week, Produces solo under 'Adam Zae' (I posted his remix of 'The Champion' - One Man Army earlier last month... remember?? (if not here's the link)) and he's also a mad rapper / MC, dudes full of talent. Honestly doing wicked things... Anyway,

If you want to check these guys out sometime they're at Laundry on the 14th of this month (Next friday night) with Blaze Trip for Lowdown which is sure to be a killer night so get your asses down to support.

A few more links for good measure;



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