Aug 18, 2009

Mike Indigo

Ladies and Gentlecats, it is my pleasure to introduce you all to a man i've known for only a short time, who I will be working with very closely in the coming months, Mike Indigo. Let me tell you all a bit about him;

Mike Indigo has been DJing and working as a Professional Sound Engineer for over 15 years traveling the World working with some of the Biggest names in the Music Industry. Now at the age of 33 having returned to Sydney to establish his brand "Indigo Muzik" and Record Label "Indigo Records" he is set to mark his mark on Australia's Dance Music scene.

He has been producing and creating beats in between his Engineering duties for 10yrs and has now finally decided to return to Oz after the last 8 years as a Sound/AV Engineer to focus on his Record Label, his Music and have some God Damn Fun!!!.

Having worked and supported Artists and DJ's like John Digweed, Luke Chable, James Zabiela, Hatiras, Eric Entrana, Dirty South, Dan Mangan, Danny Bonnici, Hans Zimmerman, John Aquaviva, Hernan Cattaneo, Christian Padararu, Marco V, PQM, Claude Vonstroke, Nic Fanciulli, Steve May, Markus Schulz, The Presets, Infusion, Matthew Dekay and others as well as played at Manumission is Spain, extensively in the UK and Germany and recently returned from Dubai where he was the resident DJ at Elegante and also regular guest spots at Trilogy and MOS in Dubai.

He has also featured on Triple J's mix up numerous times and done monthly guest spots on Kiss FM Melbourne's Dance Music Radio show.
With numerous tracks waiting to be Released and the recent release of Record Label "Indigo Records" and the creation of the Indigo Muzik website, 2010 is the year of the Indigo Children.

In fact I felt it would be very important to show you all just what this man is capable of, so i requested a mix, and this is how it goes;

(Festival Bomb Mix)

With the music industry pouring out of every pore its no doubt that this soon to be launched record label Indigo Muzik is in more than capable hands. Here's a short blurb he's put together to give you some more information.

Indigo Muzik and Indigo Records is a new Independent Dance Music label setup up in Sydney Australia to tailor to the next generation of Australian and International Artists and DJ's.

It's specific goal is to take Dance Music into its next phase of evolution with the forward thinking and drive of the Indigo generation.

"Indigo children are part of the new generation who experience difficulty fitting into the education system and the social norm. They are often lonely and isolated due to the fact that they are misunderstood and unheard in their world. They would often prefer their own company or the company of like minded individuals, adults or the opposite gender"

"Based on this reason, these children are right brain dominant. They need an environment that is flexible, challenging and offers change. Being right brain dominant will grant them brilliance in creativity, whether in analytical thought, creative writing, speech, art, Music or Artistic performance"

In the ever evolving Industry that is Dance Music and the current change of technology from vinyl and CD to the new age Midi controllers and DAW programs you need to be ahead of this curve of drastic change and exciting new technologies in order to be a successful Producer/DJ or Remixer.

At Indigo Records we cater for the specific needs and requirements of todays up and coming new talent.

Indigo Muzik is the voice of a new generation and we look forward to bringing you the best New and Talented Artists from Australia and Abroad.

To celebrate this new collaboration I Hope You Do Enjoy The Show will be an official talent scout for this new label sure to take Sydney and Australia by storm. So aspiring talent, you know what to do, keep shooting through those mixtapes, and know that by sending them through you are auditioning for this new one of a kind label. Bootlegs, Remixes, Mashups and Original tunes welcome too. We will also be featuring some of the labels artists and DJ's on a regular basis to keep you up to date on fucking sexy muzik.

Stay tuned as soon we will be launching the label and website with a whole lot more exciting goodies.

More exposure for new talent and loving those with a love for muzik, Thats what it's all about. So kids, if you got some wicked skills, we want you. Send us your stuff.

Hope to hear from you all soon.



  1. Sounds like a wanker!!!

  2. Mike Indigo is the most egotistical wanker and selfish bastard I have ever had the displeasure of working with. I would suggest staying well clear of him. He will promise you the world, take all your music and give NOTHING in return. He is a habitual liar and a fraud. Stay away from mike indigo (aka mike watkins). P.s fuck you mike!



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