Aug 10, 2009

A New Kinda Jazz.

So, I was trawling through the net the other day and came across a few wicked deep jazzy tech tunes and decided to make a new mix. Ideally, close your eyes, turn it up, and place yourself in the Cave at Chinese Laundry. Enjoy this new 45 minute tech feast.


Coyu & Edu Imbernon - El Baile Alema'n (Original Mix)

Dole, Kom - Just A Beat (Original Mix)

Joris Voorn - Sweep The Floor (Original Mix)

Olivier Giacomotto - 96 Degrees (Superskank Remix)

Neuroxyde, Doomwork - Jazzy Stuff (Original Mix)

Tom Sawyer - South American (Juan Magan & Josepo Remix)

Kevin Gorman - Produkt (Marc Ashken Remix)

De Bos - On The Run (Ralvero Get Down Dub Mix)

Martin Solvieg - One 2.3 Four (Popof Remix)

Style Of Eye - Air Race (Worthys Mid Air Collision Remix)

Sebo K & Metro - Saxtrack (Reboot Twisted Fist Remix)

Feedback encouraged as always,



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