Aug 3, 2009

Dizz 'n' Draz

So... its been a little while since i've posted something but i swear to you all its worth the wait. Once again gracing us with his mixtape skills is Dizz, you may remember a few weeks back i posted his very impressive solo mix, containing everything from some serious distortion to jackin' electro b-more styles, anyway, I got another one to share with you...

Coming fresh from the studio and mixed with another lad who goes by the name of Draz this mix has much the same feel as its predecessor, with a few more cheeky cheesy faves slapped in there for good measure, and I'm sure if you liked the last one, this will be one for the collection as well. Its wonderfully put together and is sure to keep your toes a tappin from start to finish.

Check it out.

(tracklist in comments)

Once again for anymore info on these boys get on their myspace's;

Just quietly... spotted a wicked little vid taken behind the scenes of the Swedish House Mafia's interview with Dj Mag. Check it out.... we can all dream.

Much Love.


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  1. --intro--
    1.Get Down--Jack Beats
    2.Song 2 (Micky Slim Remix)--Blur
    3.Sonic Chronic (Lee Mortimer Remix)--TJR
    4.Chin Up (A1 Bassline Remix)--Rochelle
    6.Pon De Floor(R!M!E Remix)--Major Lazer
    7.Who's Your Daddy (Act Yo Age Remix)--Don Diablo
    8.What U Do To Me.Rue Groove (Filthy Rich Mix)--Ryan Margatroyd
    9.Knock You Out (Andy George Remix)--Black Noise (Dizz And Draz Bassline Edit)
    10.Bring The House Down (Dirty Freek Remix) Ivan Allard
    11.Ya'll Want Mo--Detboi
    12.Rocking It--Black Noise
    13.Remedy (A1 Bassline Remix)--Little Boots
    14.Gotta Have It Feat.Digga (Micky Slim Remix)--MJ Cole
    16.Baby Baby (This Is Kokuz Remix)--Bill Eff
    17.It's Going Down--Foamo and Lee Mortimer
    18.FUTP 2009-- Ed Kane
    19.Bonkers (Doorly Remix)--Dizzie Rascal(Dizz And Draz MORRE BONKERS EDIT)
    20.Make Me Dance Feat.Reese--B. Rich
    22.Jelly Roll--- Udachi
    23.a.Ready For The Weekend (Fake Blood Remix)--Calvin Harris
    b.Club Action--Yo Majesty
    25.Labyrinth (Dizz and Draz "WTF" Bootleg)
    a.Labyrinth--Jack Beats
    b.What (Boy 8 Bit Remix)--Jack Beats
    c.WTF (Beat Assassins Remix)-- Tittsworth
    27.IC19 (A1 Bassline Remix)--Buraka Som Sistema
    28.I'm Not Alone (Herve Remix)--Clavin Harris
    29.U Sure Do (Dj Dunno Remix)-- Strike
    30.Song Away--Jack Beats
    31.Hardcore Girls Possessed(Dj Ayres Edit)--Rye Rye V.s Hi Jack
    32.--Technical Difficultes--Dizz And Draz Edit
    a.Not See On The Radio---Deficient
    33.That's Kinky--Mangled Bass
    34.Rock To The Rhythm (Squatters Club Mix)-- Cutback Feat.Federal
    35.Scarzy (Dizz and Draz Keep It Comin Edit)
    a.Johnny No Rhymes (A1 Bassline Remix)--Scarzy
    b.Dip Dop (Hump Day Project Remix)--Danny T
    37.Kiss My Ass (Micky Slim Remix)--The Potbelleez
    39.Rush Hour(Quadrat Beat Remix)--Breaking News
    40.Yo Yo Get Funky (Tim Healey And Deekline Remix)--Dj Fast Eddie
    41.Love You So (B. Rich Remix)---Kelevra
    42.Tearing Up The Club--2 Bit Thugs
    44.Warp 1.9 (Gtronic Remix)--Bloody Beetroots
    45.Blow Ya Mind (Squatters Remix)--Lock 'n' Load
    46.Infinite Decimal--Dubbel Dutch
    47.Trouserflap (Mightyfools Remix)--Bill Eff
    48.I Only Wanna Be With Bass- Squire Of Gotho's
    49.London Town (Foamo Remix)--Man Like Me
    50.Get Down (Vip Mix)--Jack Beats



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