Dec 16, 2009

Louis La Roche: Super Soaker

Hey everyone!!

Brand new Nu-Disco EP release by french artist La Roche!! I Don't usually post this sort of genre but I've made an exception because im so infatuated with this artist!

I Hope You Enjoy!!

[Please support this EP Release at Beatport! This is a sample rate of 192kbps]

[Management of Louis La Roche has told me to take down the links to his tracks, even at low quality. So when i get approval I will re-upload for you all :) Thanks]



  1. ass tha reup.

  2. Im not ass kissing. Im merely doing what i'm told so I dont get shut down...

    I will upload the EP as soon as im authorised to do so...

    Otherwise download from Beatport.




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