Dec 11, 2009

I've been a baaaaaaaaad blogger...Sorry :( kiss and make up?

Sorry, but its just taken me that long to find a photo worthy of this post... I think i've done Ok... (Thank you aunt May for posing on cue) aanyway... I've a confession to make, and that is that during my busy busy few months i've neglected to post to you, and that has broken my little heart into even tinier pieces, because posting to you used to be the highlight of my day, and i've since had to replace it with thai food, which can sometimes be very chilli which is fine, unless they neglect to put the little spicyness key next to the picture of the dish, (3 little chillis being the hottest) and you end up with a meal you just cant finish...

Back on topic, sorry that'd just been floating around my mind for too long, i had to get it out. MIXTAPES! YAY!!...

Firstly a new one from señor Tom Yum who has been making a serious splash around sydney recently with residencies at Chinese Laundry, Melt Bar and now Cargo Bar's new Sunday arvo booze / disco fest under an assumed alias which i am not at liberty to disclose (just go and check it out, he's the tall guy with the hat). Recent adventures with Dubstep have led him to create;

Dabbling in Dub (40.05s)

Super cool, super smooth, super dub-tastic (Thats right anything works when its hyphenated with tastic.) and super abuse of wicked samples definately worth the time you'll spend watching the downloads bar slowly roll along.

Also by Tom Yum, Just finished downloading myself and after listening to the first track (Which ive been looking for for aaages, and love alot, like... more than i would my first born) you must hear it... its great;

(Techy/tech housey)


Mindgutter!!! no they didn't die, they went to europe silly... they came back ages ago... don;t leave it up to me to tell you where they are, if you don't know its your own damn fault, IM FUCKING BUSY TOO! They have a new mixtape. Its a teaser for New Years Eve when they will be playing at Sydneys Infamous Chinese Laundry... Jealous?? no... why would you be, you're probably going to be there watching them and Tom Yum too 'cos they'll both be playing.
Their new mix is good, i really like it, one thing though, expect the unexpected, it doesnt really build, though its not supposed to, its just a mish mash of awesome tracks, and thats why we love Mindgutter, they find tracks that shouldn't go together, and make em work. Its like when you were a kid and you were always trying to get the square block through the circle hole, you could never do it... Mindgutter could. Deal with it.

NYE Teaser (42.31s)
Like fitting square blocks in round holes.

By the way Telly from Mindgutter also runs Monthly Parties at Laundry Called Digital Love, they happen on a friday, i'm not going to tell you when the next one is because i don't want to make you lazy, but look it up, they're good nights with resident Dj's Mindgutter, Three Fingers and Awkward Boys kickin ass behind the wheels of steel.


Dizz And Draz, What Can't be said about label mates and relative newcomers Dizz and Draz other than they can fit the rhombus piece anywhere you want... and it'll still feel nice (trust me). If you can fit 63 tracks into a mixtape that doesn't even go for that many minutes, and it still sounds EPIC!!, you gotta be doing something right. Seriously these kids are the King and Queen (respectively) of wonk, now there are some out there who may challenge this, you aren't... stop trying, go home and make a sandwich its not happening. This Mixtape was created for the Launch of Indigo Muzik's new monthly party @ Bourbon in the Cross next Weekend the 18th of Dec (just in time for Christmas) which i'll talk more about later. The mix is here;

63 Tracks in 1 hour! MADNESS!!!

If You wanna catch these guys in action you have a chance to do so tomorrow night @ Arthouse Indigo Records Sideroom from 1-close Sure to be an incredible night for all involved, Twisted Dj's playing from 1130 - 1 and Fowl Play Dj playing from 10-1130, more info here. Guestlists are closed but to be fair, say Indigo Muzik on the door and recieve $5 entry till 11pm, after which time it will be jacked up. Also, Kaptivate @ Bourbon will be on the 18th of Dec. in the upstairs area across 2 rooms with another stellar lineup ft. Jono Fernandez (Live Ableton Set), Oakes & Lennox, Dr. Werewolf, Twisted DJ's, Fowl Play Vs Thrustin, Dizz & Draz, Andy B and Townhouse Dj's, and for more info and guestlists on that Huge night and lineup check it Here.


Rubio!!! now, i don't think many of you would have heard this name before but i assure you, it has been whispered around the highest circles of dance music royalty and hailed as one of the hottest new talents this side of the equator (no one knows which side for sure.). To some Rubio is concidered A recluse, only deciding to make his presence known when no one is there. Like a ninja tip toeing around the emperors castle with sinister ambition, he breathes beats and excretes bass. Some say he's 500 proof and 12x distilled, others believe Rubio survived an encounter with a large african rhino because the sounds coming from him were just too awesome (Rhinos are prone to awesome). Among many things, Rubio is pure mystery, like the second half of your last saturday night, you'll slowly piece it together only as it allows you to. Fortunately your faithful blogger here has tracked down with great difficulty some mixtapes by Rubio which as promised, is pure funk and awesome (the Rhino didn't stand a chance). Eclectic in his ways Rubio is no stranger to sound, like jesus, Rubio loves them all equally, from tech house, to prog, to hard hitting dubstep, to some glitchy german electronica from the mid 90's. Rubio befriends even the weirdest of sounds, and just between you and me, i hear his record collection even includes playschool tunes from the late 80's and theme songs to Fantasia, The Great Escape, and even Yodas theme from Star Wars, but you didn't hear that from me.

Anyway i've already said too much. you must listen.
These mixtapes come from Rubios 'Around the world' series which showcases the absolute acceptance of music as the purest dictation of life, as such each is themed to be from a different part of the living sphere.

Rubio 2 - Lost with the locals (83.30s)
Tech house jungle awesome

Fidget disco funky prog Glee fest

Rubio 4 - Somewhere in Berlin (120.19s)

Rubio does have a facebook group, but i can't find it now, try for yourself, you can also check Rubio on Myspace, Twitter, Soundcloud, Friendster, Beatport, Juno, Dj Download, and at all major record stores. Ask around. People know.

I hope you all enjoy these mixtapes, and im sorry about all the banter but it was entirely necessary, if you are as passionate as i am about a good mixtape you would have read through it all and by now hopefully we've lost all the wankers who are just here for some free tunes cos they're too cheap to buy off beatport. FUCKERS! haha!

Love you.

Dan xx.

Ps. secret... Rubio 5, Lazing with the Lions, out next week, he told me himself. ;)

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