Dec 17, 2009

Indigo Records Launch: Kaptivate @ The Bourbon, Kings Cross Sydney


Come on down for a sick night with the Kaptivate Crew and the Launch of the "Indigo Records" Event at the Bourbon in Kings Cross..

You can catch our new local residents Twisted DJ's & Dizz n Draz at Bourbon playing along side some of Sydney's Finest...

'Kaptivate' parties are a New venture started by Indigo Records and The Bourbon nightclub in Kings Cross, Sydney.

The ideals behind this ambitious venture are about giving new, young and talented DJ's, Producers and Live Performance Artists a chance to have their particular sound heard by the Masses whilst playing alongside some of Australia's most respected & prolific Music Industry Professionals.

At the moment, the parties are only running in Sydney but we plan to expand our brand to every state in Australia, giving all the chance to make their mark and be heard!


"Kaptivate" is the Voice of a New Generation and we look forward to bringing you the best of Sydney's fresh new faces in the Scene mixed with some of Sydney & Australia's Best Live Artists and DJ's.


Mainroom Lineup..

◉ Oakes & Lennox
◉ Twisted DJ's
◉ Jono Fernandez (LIVE)
◉ Dr Warewolf (Troublemakers Music)
◉ Dizz & Draz


Terrace Lineup..

◉ Andy B
◉ Thrustn
◉ Townhouse DJ's

◉ With Spectacular Visuals from Sydney's finest VJ Grant Muir aka VJ Morph this will surely be an Event not to be missed.



Meet Jono Fernandez. You might think you know him from such two-dimensional catchphrases as “progressive breaks prodigy”, “tech-funk pioneer”, or even the more recent “Ableton Live guru”, but if you were forced to sum up his career circa 2009 in three words they would be “expect the unexpected”. Because while Jono has been all of those things and many more in the past, these days you’re just as likely to hear him crafting future hip house anthems or big room bombs, schooling the next generation of producers in his beloved Ableton or contributing backing vocals (among other things) to his new band project Friends Of Mine. In short, Jono is one of those rarest of acts – a DJ and producer who not only says he plays music from across the board, but actually delivers on that promise.

Just a brief look at the significant signposts across his career supports his claim. When progressive house legend Dave Seaman was putting together his Global Underground 022 mix representing Melbourne in 2002, Jono’s ‘Intruder’ was one of the first tracks picked for inclusion. A few short years later British breakbeat don Meat Katie recognised Jono’s burgeoning skills in the realms of tech-funk by calling on him for the intercontinental studio collaboration that produced ‘Pace’ from his Vibrator long-player. And in 2007 his ‘Rubber’ co-production with fellow Australian wunderkind Kid Kenobi found its way on to Ministry Of Sound’s flagship Clubber’s Guide To 2007 compilation.

With both his underground and commercial papers rubber-stamped and his music in the crates/wallets/hard drives of pretty much every significant DJ in his genres of choice, Jono did the unthinkable and disappeared from view through much of 2008. But this was a temporary hiatus from the DJ circuit rather than a complete musical hibernation as Jono plotted his next move, determined to make it the right one. If you need another catchphrase “quality over quantity” springs to mind, though thankfully the fruits of his recent studio labours present plenty of both.

The first single set to drop is ‘Girl Vs Boy’, powered by a throbbing electro bass riff but driven home by a deliciously catchy vocal which is sure to lodge itself in the minds of many – no wonder acts like Nick Thayer, Rob Kay & Shamus, D'opus, Destroy Disco, Micah Earnshaw and Blaze Trip have all lined up for a shot at a remix. Then you’ve got the progressive gem ‘Everytime’ featuring the haunting vocal of Kathleen Mitchell, re-discovered by the head honchos at Proton in its original breakbeat guise on an old promo mix and finally refashioned by Jono five years later for release in late 2009. And then there’s the Tom Piper collaboration ‘Rockst*r’, a rollicking hip house groove which chucks a handful of genres through the blender and then adds Marvin Priest (yes, that’s Maxi’s son) to a mix which will be just as at home on radio as it will on club dancefloors.

And we can’t forget Friends Of Mine, the final piece in the Jono Fernandez puzzle – for now at least. The collaboration with long-time friend Tim Watson (that’s him you hear on ‘Girl Vs Boy’ as well) has been bubbling away under the surface for many years has now evolved into a full-blown band project. Jono’s teenage guitar rock influences – not to mention his skills on piano, violin and even the flute – all seep into the sound of a project which sits in the same ballpark as the indie dance acts of this world yet still carries many of the recognisable hallmarks of Jono’s own production.

And make no mistake – you might not be able to put his sound in a box, but even his genre-spanning DJ sets have a sound that is undoubtedly his own, though when you do see him drag his laptop and MIDI controllers into a club prepare yourself for a ride which could take you anywhere. Luckily with Jono Fernandez at the controls, you know you’re in good hands.

◉ $10 ON GUESTLIST (Limited Spaces)

$10 Presale
$15 on the door.

To Pre Purchase tickets pls email:

For all Guestlist/Group Bookings enquires please contact: or

Ticket Enquiries:


Looking to Celebrate a Birthday Party, we have special VIP areas for you and your guests with Drink specials and Free Champagne for the Birthday boy or girl!

Come Celebrate your Special day with the Kaptivate Crew and 'The Bourbon'

We have GREAT Deals including:

* Free Room Hire
* VIP Entry For All Guests All Night
* Free Bottle of Champagne
* Free Bar Tab (Depending on birthday package chosen)

Let us know and we can organise all of this for you!!!

..::♥♥ Drink Deals ♥♥::..
► $5 JAGER BOMBS 9-11PM!



Future Events @ Kaptivate...

15th January 2010
Sam La More

12th February 2010
Hook 'n' Sling

12th March 2010
Bag Raiders

Full Lineups to be announced in early Jan 2010


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