Dec 7, 2009

CSK OK; Wax Motif: Jackers Wanna Get Me

“Jackers Wanna Get Me” is a six track strong EP on which has the original plus three fantastic remixes, plus the release of Get It, including the Boonie remix.

“Jackers wanna get me” sounds just like its producers fell into the magic potion of the electronic music evolution. The young Australian Newcomers created two strong club sounds aiming to move the feet. A special unit of producers and dj’s stood united to create the remixes. Beware & Motorpitch, Tipanic, Tim Turbo and Boonie freshen the European- Australian connection and turn “Jackers wanna get me” into a crazy Carrebaen-Eurodance-Electrohouse Mixsimply big and hairy.

We have been giving strong permission for you all to download this EP package at the Big N Hairy Website

I Hope You Enjoy!!

Please find more Information about the artists here:
Wax Motif:
CSK ok:
Tim Turbo:


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