Dec 23, 2009

BT feat. Jes: Every Other Way

Now I dont usually post Trance releases but this song is just too good to keep from you all! BT is a pioneering artist and a widely acknowledged creator of multiple musical idioms including Trance and New School Breaks. BT is known in his production circles for his signature technique, the stutter edit, also known as the BT stutter and pioneering techniques that are widely adopted in other idioms of music. This technique consists of taking a small sample of a sound and then repeating it rhythmically.

This EP package includes the Album Mix, Phunk Investigation, Whelan & DJ Scala, and of course the fantastic remix by Trance sensation Armin Van Buuren. His remix is featured in the Universal Religion: Chapter 4 Compilation, which was released three months ago.

I Hope You Enjoy!!

[These tracks are at a sample rate only (192kbps) - Please purchase this release at Beatport.]

BT feat. Jes - Every Other Way (Album Mix)

BT feat. Jes - Every Other Way (Armin Van Buuren Remix)


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