Nov 18, 2009

Richard Grey: I'm Back

Well because i just did a post connecting to Erick Morillo, I might as well do another one in similar context, they've worked together before.. I give you spanish sensation Richard Grey.

“Dance music will become the new mainstream, the new pop. Thanks to David Guetta ! And yes even more underground records will be played in radio and tv on peak time hours, I’m sure of that. And there are still so many new big markets which are quite new in dance music - India, China, parts of South America, that’s half the world.” - Richard Grey

So in the next few years we can expect world beating tunes, and, of course, plenty more parties. He’s so excited he almost can’t contain himself...

“The beat, the drum... The underground. Yeah, music man. Music coming from my soul. I will die in a club playing for my 100th birthday. Haha!”

Now this is an exciting release to all '90's fans out there (if there are any). I'm Back includes the fantastic vocals and melodic lines from Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive. A perfect House tune to get the crowd back on the dancefloor (trust me, it worked).

Grab this fantastic release package at Beatport.

I Hope You Enjoy!

Richard Grey - I'm Back

Richard Grey - I'm Back (One Night In Pacha Remix)


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