Nov 17, 2009

Death+Taxes: Seattle

One of our favourite Sydney artist/producer has dropped us a line and have given us a nice little preview out of their upcoming EP which is due in 2010.

Death+Taxes is a Musician/Producer, confusing mosh pits with dancefloors and dance music with grunge punk and metal. [A nice blend of SebastiAn, Data and Nirvana all together]

Seattle, which has been lifted from the forthcoming EP MOSH!MOSH!MOSH!/DANCE!DANCE!DANCE! - out 2010, on Sydney Independent, BPZ Digital. This 4 track EP will be available initially as a FREE DOWNLOAD from SoundCloud and MySpace, and then as a full quality 320 release on Juno Download, iTunes, and BandCamp.

I Hope You Enjoy!

Death+Taxes - Seattle

[Death+Taxes Myspace]
[Death+Taxes - Available on Soundcloud]


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