Nov 12, 2009

My Goodness: Mixtape

The man behind My Goodness is Nick Walsh, and we've been able to grab a Disco mixtape from him to post for all you to enjoy!

Starting around 2007, My Goodness has already hit the spotlight, playing around the hottest clubs in the Sydney City area. After a good two years of experimentation with genres and sounds, hes finally found his calling, DISCO!

I Hope You Enjoy!!

My Goodness - Disco Mixtape 2009


1. Situation - Crimea X Remix - the Dark Esquire

2. Circuit - Aeroplane Remix - David Rubato

3. Two Face Love - Extended Mix - Ilija Rudman

4. Body Stop - Toby Tobias Remix - Touch sensitive

5. Casus Belli - Brontosaurus Saga Mix - Plein Soleil

6. A Place Called Tarot - Idjut Boys Re-Edit (DITS Edit) - Tantra

7. Yo Drums - Original Version - Pete Herbert

8. Good Friends - Pierce

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