Nov 2, 2009

Calvin Harris: Flashback

When Calvin Harris came straight out of Dumfries in 2007 with the cheekily titled I Created Disco, his indie sensibility, lo-fi origins and air of ironic egotism led to comparisons with the art school-dance of LCD Soundsystem. Success has revealed him to be far more populist. Size matters to Harris. His stated ambition for his second album is to make “stadium dance” music, which places the emphasis on simple tunes, driving beats, cheesy hook lines and lots of special effects and heavy synth rushes. Ready for the Weekend is, accordingly, big, bold and colourful 21st-century electro dance pop, its shameless crowd-pleasing overwhelming its more subtle musical pleasures. His formula is pretty straightforward, albeit executed with considerable panache. Songs start out simple and organic, introducing lyrical and melodic motifs that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Coldplay anthem, before opening up with some big synths into pumping disco and house tracks.

Flashback is the third single release from the upcoming album Ready for the Weekend, with remixes by Eric Prydz & David Guetta!!

I just heard the Eric Prydz remix on Armin Van Buurens'ASOT! Fantastic!!

The release package is now available at Beatport.

I Hope You Enjoy!

[Note: We have had a DCMA complaint about this post, I'm writing it here just to inform. I bought this release at Beatport!! And i've brought the quality down to sample size (192kbps). So copyright infringement has not been breached.]

Calvin Harris - Flashback (Eric Prydz Remix)

Calvin Harris - Flashback (David Guetta's One Love Remix)


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