Oct 22, 2009

Defected Records: Zouk Out Singapore '10

Ok so managing director Sebastian Mysko of Rising Digital, has emailed me the last Defected in the House compilation for this year, which is an absolute privilege!

This compilation was put together by two very fine DJs; Simon Dunmore and DJB. This compilation features tracks by Michael Clies, ATFC, Sebo K, Joris Voorn and as usual... many many more...

I've taken five tracks, two from one disk and three from the other that I felt would stand out as representing exactly what the Defected brand is all about. The comp is out on 26th October 2009.

I Hope you Enjoy!!

Defected in the House - Zouk Out Singapore '10 (Simon Dumore; DJB)

[Tracklist available upon its release]


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