Mar 10, 2010

Pop The Hatch Mofo!!

Hey everyone my name is Damien (Dizz of Dizz and Draz) I come to you today because my good friends at "Hope You Enjoy The Show" have asked me to posts for them.. And how could I turn down the chance to bring you "BANGIN" music to get the masses dancin!!

And what better way to start than with this amazing Sydney based artist "Pop The Hatch"! This guy is definatly a forced to be reakoned with..! Being played by Kissy Sell Out on BBC Radio 1 with his "Tonka- Jack Track Remix".. And sending me nothing but beats that make you bounce... With a bmore influence in his tracks and punchy drums with a throbbing wobbley bass how can you go wrong? I expect big things from this guy in the future.. Keep an eye out for Pop The Hatch..

Tonka - Jack Track (Pop The Hatch Remix)
(absolute feel good jump up party track)

Pop The Hatch - Rompa Stompa "Pop The Hatch Mother F*cker"
(distoreted wobbley dancefloor destroyer)

To find out more info on the man himself you can get him at the Pop The Hatch Myspace...
Thanks ya'll and just wait plenty more "BANGIN BANGERS" to come...

Damo - Dizz

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