Mar 23, 2010

Boys Noize; Erol Alkan: Avalanche/Lemonade Maxi Single

Following last summers double header of 'Waves' and 'Death Suite', London's Erol Alkan and Berlin's Boys Noize come together once again with two more exercises in modern electronica.

Avalanche and Lemonade are both synapse-shorting peak time, state of the art sensory overloads designed to cause maximum musical madness in any crowded room. Avalanche is the deeper track, a seductively bleeping mission to the heart of the rave, while Lemonade is the noisier twin, a fizzing explosion in a sine wave factory.

I Hope You Enjoy!!

[Note: These are 192kbps Samples. Please support the full release at Beatport.]

Boys Noize; Erol Alkan - Avalanche

Boys Noize; Erol Alkan - Lemonade


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Erol Alkan

Erol Alkan - Myspace

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