Mar 24, 2010

AutoClaWs + Geoffrey James Bonus

Hey Ya'll
Dizz here again to bring you some stuff that needs to be checked out. First things first.

I got sent this mix quite a while ago.. Its truly a mixtape made in heaven for me.. If you like a clever theme and juicy bouncey wobbley basslines this is for you... He uses some very quirkey quotes from the tv series "Scrubs" while givin you 21 exclusive delicious tracks.. Including Afrojack's unreleased "Watcha Say" and my personal favorite "Call Me Al" Pop The Hatch.. He's also pretty much edit every track and done some very excellent bootlegs in the process... As a matter of fact i enjoyed his bootlegs so much i felt the need to do one with him

A bit cheesy, but absolutley sure to devastate dancefloors.

Also dont miss his:

You can hit the man up on soundcloud or myspace..So without further delay i bring you the penny drops!

-The Penny Drops-

1. Intro - Scrubs (The Question of the Penny) - AutoClaWs
2. Chilli House - H20 Project
3. Bangkok - Boris Dlugosch - AutoClaWs Edit
4. Rhythm Flowed - Young Nutz vs Escobar and Vito
5. Sweat it Out - Hot Mess - AutoClaWs ((The Todd Edit))
6. Wooh! - Mike Mago
7. Super Duper Fly - Nujax (Barletta + Eronld Sane Edit)
8. Los Angeles - Cold blank (Lee Mortimer Remix)
9. Get Down - Jack Beats (VIP Edit)
10. Crazed - Sawheadz (Spkr Ninjaz + Josh Harvey Remix)
11. Cookies Fly - Ladybox (AC Slater Remix)
12. The Right Sexy Memories (AutoClaWs & Dizz Bootleg)
13. Callmeal - Pop The Hatch
14. Make tha Speakaz Bump (Spkr Ninjaz)
15. U sure do get angry (Dizz and Draz Bootleg)
16. P.A.R.T.Y - Hot Mess
17. Bang Bang - (AutoClaWs Mashup) - AudioBullies Vs Harvard Bass
18. Immature - Calvertron Remix
19. Da Cali Anthem (California Love) - Rusko - Nonewyork Funky Refix
20. She Came Along - Sharam Ft.Kid Cudi (Doorly Remix)
21. Watcha Say (Afrojack Remix)
22. Pillpopper - Tits & Clits (Stereo Killaz Remix)
23. Outro - Scrubs (The Conclusion of the Penny) - AutoClaWs

ok next,
I bring you a new track a from a good mate of mine.. He usually produces.!? Well everythin.. This time tho he's brought us a fidget housey gem with a hint of b'more creeping in for that second drop... oh god that second drop.. Mmm tastey! He seems to step up his game with every production i hear, and this time he's nailed it for me.. So much so i felt the need to do my first production and remix it.. So please put your hands togther for my man Geoffrey James!

(Bangin Wobbles With a Bmore influence.. Bangin)

(In you face wobbles with a dubstep finish)


  1. Mad stuff bro, loved the dubstep part

  2. Cheerz mang.. Be sure to keep checkin out blog as i've got some excellent tunes comin up..




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