Jun 27, 2009

An Awesome Little Noise Experiment

So, here's something for you, its an awesome little glitchy breaky dubstep mix, i get the feeling there will be a mixed reception to this mix, but I'm going to post it anyway because i'd like to gauge reactions. It's quite experimental (by Sydney standards) but given our new found fascination with dubstep, i think its worth listening to, i personally love it, perfect blend of tech and dubstep.

AAAnyway, its by a man who goes by Sclist, i don't know a lot about him, but when i arrived home last year after my time in the U.K. breaks and dub were a new obsession of mine, i did a fair bit of digging and found two awesome forums for downloading some of the best underground stuff around, mostly from the U.S.A. ie. Dubstep FM who have a brilliant podcast with over 50 episodes each of which showcases over an hour of glorious dubstep hot off the vinyl press from all over the states and for those of you interested in this genre I seriously recommend subscribing through itunes and hearing what they have to say, every podcast comes with a tracklist too, so for those of you itching to drop some dubstep into your electro sets, you'll know what to do.

Another brilliant site i've come to love of late is breakstep.Duxdigital. Out of the UK, this forum is all about showcasing the latest in Breakstep (a mix of breaks and dubstep) which if like me, u like your bass wobbly and your breaks hard, is just perfect, however, you must log into this site to download, but its simple enough to do and there's no spam. Featuring the likes of Sclist, Forensics, Mantis, DFRNT, Miss Mik and several others its a beautiful site, and honestly, its nearly impossible to get everything off there, once again focussing on the more experimental or lesser known regions of the genre which Sydney has now come to crave.

If anyone has any other sites similar to this, i'd be keen to check them out, post them in a comment, any feelings towards this post are welcome to be aired once again through comments, please tell me if you want more of this, or if my words are falling on deaf ears.

Till next time, Enjoy Glitch Feast.


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