Apr 27, 2010

Moonchild: Girl

This has been a very long awaited post, but I've finally gotten around to gathering all the stuff together to put it out there for the IHYETS Fans!

It is my pleasure to publish to you, a swell DJ acquaintance of mine, MOONCHILD.

A quick Bio from his Myspace, that I think you should all read:

Antoine 'Moonchild' began his musical journey at a very young age, in a magical place called the 1980’s - but he pinpoints his first electric guitar in 2000 as the moment when it all started to crystallise. Jamming in his room, learning to play his punk/hardcore favourites and dreaming of a time when he could melt faces like the pros filled this kid with a burning desire to chase international superstardom that was his true calling. People always say rockstars make the best DJs - and this guy is no exception to the rule.

Leaving his home of Fantasia, he crossed New Caledonia, France, Dubai and Egypt on foot before arriving in Australia, where he made a beeline for the beatmakers, befriending DJ’s and producers and completing an audio engineering degree. It was mere months after his hands first hit the decks that he was playing in clubs, supporting the likes of Steve Aoki, Boys Noize, Wolfgang Gartner and Jack Beats, to name but a few, under his ridiculous electro alter ego "Dorkatronique."

Now, reborn as Moonchild, Antoine can be found in Sydney’s best parties pumping out his own blend of nu-disco, filtered french house and deliciously danceable club bangers. With quality original productions about to be released, remix requests flooding in, and a DJ show packed with more win than a fusion powered mecha ninja with an arm canon that fires T-Rexes, it’s no wonder Moonchild is blowing up like a software programmers girlfriend!!

For the Sydney fans, be sure to catch Moonchild at his EP launch, on the 8th May!

> Transit Bar (Free Entry!!)

> With support from Offtapia, Deckhead, and many more!

Here is the Facebook invite:

Moonchild - EP Launch

Anyway! I Hope You Enjoy!

Moonchild - Girl


Louis La Roche - Prick Stick (Moonchild Remix)

Michael Jackson - Say Say Say (Moonchild Bootleg)


Moonchild - Myspace

Vamp Music - Myspace


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