Sep 25, 2009

Sorry its been so long...

Buttt.... i've got some cool new shit for you. Coming in First is something wicked and chilled just for summer. Sunworshipper (label mates of Death & Taxes) first single Pale Blue Dot is something out of the future, from our impending summer, think sitting on the beach after a huge night out with a cold beer in your hand, watching the sun rise.

R!M!E also dropped this track off a little while ago and its fucking killer. After all the props he received for his remix of Mars he's gone and blessed us with a remix of Fake Bloods new one Fix Your Accent, putting a tasty french accent and wonky bassline to the cool disco original works wonderfully, definitely worth a download. +++ a preview of his new tune Hit n Run. Keep an eye out for more from this dude. For now you'll have to live with what's on his soundcloud account.

From our amigo Jax Carr (Deckhead blogspot in our amigos section in the sidebar) we have a cool new tune remixed by himself and Steve Lind (The Hump Day Project) working together under the alias The Mane Thing (as they both have impressive beards) I give to you their re-creation of His Majesty Andre's tune Peep Thong. I am personally obsessed. Enjoy;

And for fun Steve has allowed us the new Hump Day Edit, also note worthy... as I love Jamie T in fact I think he's touring... soon, if it hasn't just passed.

Finally, something special from a few shire boys I came in contact with a little while ago, their mix for pioneer Dj Search which i think is awesome, full of wicked bootlegs, original lyrics and fun mixing. heres what the boys have to say for themselves;

'From comedic renditions of boy band/girl band hits, to banging out tracks in the clubs, when you hear the name “Guys With Feelings” what you’ll hear next is entertainment. The G.W.F. duo strives to bring more to your ears than just your average top 40 DJ – Sampling anything from one hit wonders like Eifel 65's “I’m Blue”, to original lyrics from a budding local hip hop vocalist Cravethadave – all under a healthy slab of electro/house beats to get you moving and shaking in a way that Nova 96.9 can’t.
The Guys With feelings crew have been the fuel to countless fiery parties across Sydney, playing private functions for over 2 years. Currently, G.W.F. are venturing out by cutting their teeth in the club scene, scoring a recurring appearance at their local clubs night NUDE, not to mention being in the top 11 finalists of the Pioner Pro DJ Search Australia 09. Have a listen and fall in love, they’ll be taking over the world all too soon.'

I hope you all enjoy.


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