May 26, 2010

Tim Green (TG): Iotan EP

Wooh! Episode No.18 of the marvelous and beloved International Freakshow imprint has its origin in one of the worlds most important cities when it comes to innovative Techno / House music since the very beginning of the global electronic music scene.

It has been sophistically crafted by London based Tim Green himself who is one of those producers that do not turn in a lot of filler tracks. For the most part when "TG" or Tim Green puts something out there, it has a strong sense of character and literally rocks a dancefloor to its core. There are just few artists on the planet that are able to traverse genres and release music for such a wide range of labels, yet still have their own unique sound. Many worlds leading labels have recognized this and so far we can find tracks and remixes that have been coming out of Tim Greens machines on the likes of, Cocoon, Dirtybird, Renaissance, Sci-Tec, and many more. Tims latest strike started to hit the floors in December 09 when his second single with Sven Vaeths famous Cocoon imprint entitled Lone Time came out. And even 4 months later, people go nuts when this housetune is being dropped by artists behind the booth! And while listening to Tim Greens tunes on if-18, one could say that 2010 looks set to be another huge year of growth for him.

The title track Iotan on the A side is not leaving a single question unanswered. The track is deep, funky, melodic and warm the whole way through, constantly guided by a splendid specimen of a bass line! On B1 Tim delivers the evidence, that he truly is a multi-talented musician with Crispy Chairs as he is making you rock on the floor!! Tim shows his more minimalistic techno side, by hitting us hard with this hypnotic groove monster.

Leons remix version of Iotan morphs the title track into another hot n stylish shape. Leon focuses more on the classical house music ingredients and his remix is an absolute stunning enrichment for the record. Leons remix fully fits & together with Tims tunes he is contributing to make this release a complete and proper package that fits for techno heads as well as for all the house freaks among you!

I Hope You Enjoy !!

[Note: These are 192kbps Samples. Please support the full release at Beatport.]

Tim Green (TG) - Iotan

Tim Green (TG) - Crispy Chairs


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