Feb 25, 2010

Bart B More: Romane

Sound Pellegrino is now one year old and boy, what a fantastic year it's been. They've spearheaded a new sound and tried to keep things exciting and risky, reach goals step by step, one thing at a time. It's now February 2010 and they are ready to unleash Bart B More's new single, the much anticipated Romane.

Even though he belongs to higher castes of big room royalty, they always felt that they had a lot in common with Dutch dance floor renegade Bart B More. The SP release of Romane proves the feeling is mutual. The dub version of his remix for Curses!'s "The Deep End" on Institubes last year is one of the records that helped define the Sound Pellegrino groove. How can you not admire someone who can remix Martin Solveig, cover CeCe Peniston's "Finally" and make a track with Diplo. When they played together in Paris a few months ago, he dropped an early version of Romane and they stated "This sick pitched-down-accordion-siren-house joint could find a cushy home in Sound Pellegrino" and now behold, the record is done. Romane is an instant crowd pleaser which relies on three simple ingredients: an unforgettable riff, a sick beat, and one of the most seriously earth shattering, body shaking, mind motivating alarm siren that just screams "get up and dance, young hero, it's time to save the world".

Remixing the aforementioned triple threat could have proven tricky, so they carefully assembled a dream list of producers that could take up the challenge, and the magic happened. Truly one of the most perfect remix packages created since the invention of the wheel.

Parisian wonders, Youngunz alumni and overall little rascals French Fries and Bambounou chop up the melody, give it a friendly boogie and then proceed to take it with them to an afterparty in San Francisco curated by the Martin Brothers and a dude wearing a giant bacon strip costume. Sexy, classy, efficient and fun.

Up and coming Dutch producer Rubix takes the essence of the track and beautifully turns it into a crazy giant mariachi fiesta that literally explodes in your ear. Seriously, I don't know if the guy hired a complete Latino horn section to come play this insane melody in his studio but the result is awesome beyond belief. This totally sounds like the house version of Delinquent Habits' "Tres Delinquentes".

Gucci Vump, the infamous top secret duo made up of Brodinski and Guillaume from The Shoes, deliver their first remix since their stellar Sha! Shtil! EP on Sound Pellegrino last fall. Focusing their energies on the siren, just the siren and only the siren, they bring it to a legendary level of ravvy fierce funky house next levelness. Tiësto wishes he was them for real now.

Foreshadowing his forthcoming Sound Pellegrino release, our long time partner, Institubes OG Jean Baptiste De Laubier aka Para One provided a unique take on the original, violently mutating the accordion riff into a killer acid synth line, the exact musical equivalent of Bruce Banner changing into the Hulk.

I Give you..Romane!!

I Hope You Enjoy!!

[Note: These are 192kbps Samples. Pleases support the full release at Beatport.]

Bart B More - Romane

Bart B More - Romane (Para One Remix)

Bart B More - Romane (Cubix Remix)


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